Sourcing and Manufacturing


What about the manufacturing process?

Our goal at Steve’s Real Food is to provide your pets (and our own) with the healthiest food possible, which means only adding the highest quality, Human-Grade raw meats and produce to our diets.  Our food is manufactured under USDA and HACCP guidelines, and stored at temperatures below freezing.  We only manufacture our formulas with sterilized processing equipment to prevent any possibility of contamination, and our machines undergo rigorous cleaning after every round of production.  Every person that enters the facility wears sterilized clothing, footwear, hair nets & gloves to protect the product from contamination.


Where do we buy our ingredients?


All ingredients used in Steve’s Real Foods are sourced and purchased solely companies that can prove their commitment to quality and sustainability, and that can verify and maintain their USDA status, provide human grade quality meats (no rendered byproducts here!), and do their business inside the United States.

An honest product needs to come from an honest company.  We believe in full disclosure and want you to be fully educated on what you are feeding your pet. Below is a list of the companies we purchase our ingredients from, and they welcome any questions you may have. .

Chicken Raw Dog Food

Draper Valley Farms

 Beef Raw Dog Food


Turkey Raw Dog Food

Zacky Farms

Duck Raw Dog Food

Maple Leaf Farms

 Salmon Raw Dog Food

Pacific Sea Food


Pacific Coast Fruit Co.


Harlow Hills Farm