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New Enhance Product Line from Steve’s Real Food

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CannaGurt starts with freeze-dried goat milk yogurt. The added hemp oil addresses some issues including seizures, anxiety and inflammation.

It’s Time to Enhance Your Pet’s Diet!

Eighteen years ago, Steve Brown started the journey of educating retailers and consumers about the benefits of a raw diet. The early adopters were excited and jumped on the bandwagon, reaping the benefits of what a raw diet could do for their pets. Over the past decade, more and more pet parents have switched to a raw and/or holistic diet; however, there are still a vast majority of pet parents who are unwilling to make the move due to the belief that it is expensive, time-consuming, or unsafe.

As passionate raw feeders, we have to ask ourselves “how do we help kibble and canned feeders see the benefits of raw?”
As a retailer, you have to ask “How do we take an existing customer, one who walks past the freezers every time they shop, without ever really considering them an option, and get them to think differently about nutrition?”
As a pet parent, you have to ask “How can I add raw nutrition without having to change the way I feed?”

How do we start the conversation about improving our pets diets?

We have decided to start where pet parents are.  Our new product line is designed to “enhance” the pet’s current diet. We have focused on creating products that are simple solutions to adding raw nutrition. We aren’t asking pet parents to switch off their kibble – we are offering a product to add to it.

We start with a base of freeze-dried raw goat’s milk and raw goat’s milk yogurt with added superfoods such as hemp oil, spirulina, turmeric, and milk thistle. Each formula is designed to provide advanced nutrition, and to fill the nutritional gaps that are in a kibble-only diet, or provide additional support for those already feeding raw. We have upped the convenience factor by packaging it in a reusable glass bottle, with product inside. The customer fills the bottle with water, shakes to re-hydrated and feeds daily. Fill, shake and refrigerate. It is as easy as that! Eight-ounce refill packs will be available starting in late May.

The Lineup

CannaGurt starts with freeze-dried goat milk yogurt. The added hemp oil addresses some issues including seizures, anxiety and inflammation.

CarnaForage is a super green smoothie. Spirulina enhances the immune system and provides powerful antioxidants. Milk thistle and dandelion leaf support healthy liver function, and cilantro helps detox metals.

DogNog is a combination of freeze dried milk and freeze-dried egg, which provides an easily digestible form of protein. We have added turmeric as an anti-inflammatory, dried cranberries as an anti-oxidant, and yucca to aid digestion.

Once you start enhancing your pet’s diet, you will reap the benefits of a healthy, happy animal – and who doesn’t want that?

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