Steve’s Real Food Quest Raw Cat Food

Steve’s Real Food’s line of raw cat food is called Quest. Each ingredient used to craft our premium raw cat food comes from carefully vetted farms that treat animals humanely, share our philosophy on environmental sustainability, and NEVER use pesticides, added hormones, or antibiotics. All of our raw cat food diets are formulated to exceed the nutritional levels established by AAFCO cat nutrient profiles for all life stages. Quest ensures a biologically appropriate, minimally processed, and irresistibly delicious dining experience that supports your cat’s overall health and vitality.

Quest Raw Cat Food is available in frozen raw or freeze-dried raw options.

Quest Frozen Raw Cat Food

Quest is Steve’s line of raw cat food using a 90:10 prey model diet formulation. Our Frozen Raw Cat Food is packed with protein and natural goodness. Quest has smaller nuggets than our original diets, and does not contain any fruits or vegetables like our BARF line. Quest cat food is formulated for all life stages. Quest frozen raw cat food is available in 2lb bags of frozen nuggets.

Quest Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

At Steve’s Real Food, we understand that convenience and quality are essential when feeding your feline companions. Our Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food offers a perfect balance between both. We take our frozen Quest line’s fresh, natural ingredients and gently freeze-dry it to preserve their flavor, nutrients, and overall goodness. This process means that your cat can enjoy all the benefits of a raw diet without refrigeration, making it an excellent choice for pet owners on the go. It is a great option when transitioning your kitty to a raw diet.

Raw Cat Food FAQ