Shiba Inu Picky Eater

Dog standing on grass
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Dog standing on grass

“I have a very picky 1.5 y.o. female Shiba Inu. She isn’t a big eater to begin with and tends to be on the thin side. After kenneling her for 10 days at a no-cage kennel, she was burning off all of the calories she was taking in. Needless to say, she came back about 5 lbs lighter. It has been a constant battle to find kibble that she likes, and I have tried EVERYTHING. I was given samples of your raw food from a local store. I fed it to her and she loved it! I have had her on the food for a little over a week, and she is looking better than ever! She dives into the food, and gets really excited when she sees me pull the bag out of the freezer. Thank you so much for making a food that my picky girl will eat!”

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