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Whether you’re completely new to the concept of raw pet food, or you’ve been a “raw-feeder” for years, this blog series will be your go-to guide on the basics of raw food. We will start with the most basic questions, go through the common misconceptions and myths, and work our way to understanding the mechanics. By the end, you should have a basic, but thorough, grasp on what raw food is, why it is important, and how to best incorporate it into your pet’s diet.

(It should be noted that when we refer to “raw food” in this blog series, we are referring to a commercially-available raw food diet. This is a specifically formulated ready-to-feed packaged food that you can find in independent retail stores.)

We have broken down the subject of raw pet food into 12 easy to digest episodes.

Start with Episode 1 – What is Raw Pet Food.


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