Taylor’s Arthritis

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Here is an e-mail that comes to us from Pahrump, Nevada. Taylor is participating in our veterinary feeding trial. We have given Taylor 60 days worth of free food while he is being supervised by his veterinarian for arthritis.

“Taylor just had his 30 day check up with Dr. Henseler last Saturday. I’m pleased with the results.

1. Energy level is increased. Now, this could be related to the weight loss (Taylor has lost about 5 lbs since starting the diet)…but, what does it matter !!?? I was not able to help him lose the pounds while he was eating kibble. So, I think it’s great Steve’s Real Food was able to help me accomplish that goal – goodness knows, I’ve been trying for years! Dr. Henseler feels that he is now in the “ideal” category, but could maybe lose 2 more pounds – this would put him at 80 lbs. He’s an Allendale dog – they breed the English- type labradors, and they usually carry more bone and weight than the American bred labs.

2. His winter coat is completely shedded out and is a gorgeous, shiny, silky, summer coat. When I mentioned this to Dr. Henseler, I said that while I noticed a difference in his coat – I wasn’t that excited about it, his coat is usually pretty nice. Dr. Henseler told me, that is WAS a big deal because our weather was so goofy this spring that many of the dogs she was seeing – STILL had their rough winter coats.

3. Limping is decreased. I am fully aware that I may never be able to get rid of the limp completely (after all, he is almost 10). But, I am happy that it is lessened. Dr. Henseler also noticed that when Taylor gets up off the clinic floor, he doesn’t seem to be as stiff as in the past. Dr. Henseler would like to do a blood panel at our next visit (June 26th)just to make sure everything is in line…he had a blood panel done about a year and a half ago, so she has a pretty good baseline to compare. I see no problem with that.

Well, I just wanted to give you a brief update after our 30 days on Steve’s Real Food. Thank you again for your support with his feeding program – I think it’s going extremely well.


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