The Benefits of Raw Pet Food

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Did you know that the raw food sector is the fastest growing division in the pet food market? More people are finding out that just like unprocessed foods in human diets benefit them by improving their overall health, immunity, and vitality, so does raw food for their pets. Check out some of the amazing benefits that raw foods have on your pets.

Improved Digestion

The digestive system of pets like cats and dogs is much shorter than humans, which means their bodies have less time to absorb nutrients. They’re designed to digest raw meat and bones from prey found in the wild, and not grains or fillers present in many kibble foods. Unprocessed foods, like those found in raw pet diets, deliver the maximum amount of absorbable nutrients and healthy bacteria for your pet’s overall wellness. Additionally, pets do not have the enzyme amylase that is required to digest grains. When feeding a pet a grain-filled diet, their body has to work extra hard to process the grain and cor. Long-term stress on the pancreas can create toxic bacteria in the lower bowel that can cause liver and kidney problems.

Better Dental Hygiene

Periodontal issues are one of the most common reasons for trips to the vet, and it is often caused by bacterial growth from eating starchy kibble which sticks to the teeth. This means a sticky film of carbohydrates sticks to the teeth leading to pets with bad breath, sore gums, plaque build-up, and even requiring painful tooth extractions. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats will exhibit some stage of gum disease by two years of age. Raw pet food does not contain starches and processed fats, which means the saliva is able to break food down so it doesn’t stick to the teeth.

Stronger Immune System

Have you ever wondered why wolves and wild dogs appear stronger and have fewer health problems compared to domestic dogs? This is primarily due to the diet. Raw foods are rich in fatty acids and immune-boosting nutrients. Raw vegetables have vitamins and antioxidants in their natural and absorbable form. While kibble manufacturers try to replace them with artificial additives, they only succeed in making the nutrients harder to absorb.

A Healthy Skin and Coat

About 40% of the protein a pet ingests goes into their coat and skin. A grain-based diet means that they do not have the necessary amount of proteins to grow a healthy and shiny coat. Better nutrition from raw foods implies that there is a minimum to no shedding of your pet’s hair which results in a shiny and healthy coat.

Better Muscle Tone and Healthier Bone Structure

Intake of a diet rich in proteins will help your pet develop healthier muscles, skin, and joints. This is unlike the alternative which is only rich in carbohydrates which can contribute to pet obesity. Puppies raised on raw are shown to have fewer bone problems in their later years. Most of the calories in raw are from meat which has a high protein, low carb content which promotes a healthy growth rate. Later in life, pets will benefit from the high levels of Omega-3’s, and experience less inflammation and ease joint problems such as arthritis

Reduced Allergies

Common symptoms of allergies in pets include constant itching and/or discharge from the eyes. Many pets are allergic to grains and fillers in kibble. Feeding a raw diet eliminates these allergens from their diets. Adding raw goat milk to the diet further boosts their immunity which consequently reduces allergies.

Smaller and Less Smelly Waste

As the digestive enzymes in pets are better suited for raw foods, they are able to absorb more of the food’s nutrients and subsequently, there is less waste excreted. You will notice stools are smaller, firmer, and devoid of super-smelly odor that occurs due to the incomplete or improper digestion of processed foods.

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