Pet Food: Frozen Raw vs Freeze-Dried Raw for Cats and Dogs

One bag of raw freeze-dried pet food turducken recipe and one bag of raw frozen pet food turducken recipe with full bowl of food

Just as people benefit from eating organic, non-processed foods, so do our pets.  In the past, pet parents could only find real food for cats and dogs in frozen form.  Recently, a new concept in pet food-preparation has evolved.  Feeding our pets the healthy diet they deserve is now easier than ever before– with freeze-dried raw food for […]

Why Omega Fatty Acids are Necessary for Pets

Small dog looking at camera with tilted head

While almost every pet owner knows that a healthy and well-balanced diet is necessary for a healthy pet. For those who might not know, essential fatty acids are nutrients that are carried by fat throughout the pet’s body. These omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids play important roles in the structure and function of smooth muscle. This […]