Papillion with a Cough

Close up portrait of tricolor papillon dog
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This e-mail from Michigan demonstrates how a raw diet free from cheap fillers can help with allergies.

“I just wanted to share my story as it is a true success! We have a 15-year-old Papillon that is just 5 pounds. The last several years she suffered from a bad cough. They could never really explain it when we would ask her veterinarian. We switched to Steves Real Food (frozen chicken) approximately one year ago. We were so amazed and happy to see our little girl’s cough go away completely. Later, upon talking to other Steve Real Food customers, we were told that she probably had an allergy to all something that was in the typical dog foods. We always used a very good brand, but it still had something that she was allergic to. She is 15 going on 16 now and not only LOVES her Steves food, but her health is just amazing to us since we changed her diet. She is also able to climb stairs again which we are not sure about, but it’s a good thing…. 😉
Thank you for such a wonderful product!!! We will never go back to anything else.

The Schoen family
Redford, Michigan”

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