Freeze-Dried Gut Health Treats for Dogs and Cats


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Steve’s Real Food Lamb Protein Bites are a simple and delicious way to help support your pet’s digestion. These treats are for dogs and cats. Protein Bites are made with free-range lamb to deliver the power of fermentation to your pet in the most palatable way. Lamb is a tasty option for picky eaters. The “wild fermentation” process used in the custom superfood blend by Gussy’s Gut provides pre, pro, and postbiotics to contribute to a diverse microbiome in your pet’s gut. 

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Freeze-Dried, Fermented Treats for Dogs and Cats

Protein Bites from Steve’s Real Food are a wholesome and delicious freeze-dried treat for dogs and cats. Packed with high-quality lamb, these treats are a source of essential amino acids, supporting your pet’s muscle development and overall well-being. Whether training, bonding, or simply indulging your pet, these bite-sized gut-health bites offer a burst of flavor and nutrition in every nibble. With Steve’s Real Food Lamb Protein Bites, you can treat your four-legged friend to a snack that’s delicious and nutritious. Elevate their treat-time experience with the natural goodness of lamb, and watch your pet’s tail wag with delight. It’s time to make every moment a special one with these delectable bites from Steve’s Real Food.


Ground Lamb,
Organic Collard Greens,
Organic Cauliflower,
Organic Carrot,
Organic Fennel,
Organic Green Apple,
Organic Ginger,
Organic Chamomile,
Organic Slippery Elm Bark,
Organic Peppermint,
Local Raw Honey,
Coconut Oil,


Protein Bites are meticulously sourced with ingredients from grass-fed, organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farmers, with organic being our non-negotiable baseline. We go the extra mile by never allowing the use of pesticides or herbicides in any of our ingredients, including the salt used in our fermentation process. This salt is extracted from an ancient seabed in Utah, USA, untouched by modern pollutants, ensuring its purity and imbuing it with an array of trace minerals for unparalleled nutritional benefits. Our goat kefir comes from contented, grass-fed goats, and we establish personal connections with our producers, visiting them to ensure they meet our stringent standards. Learn more about our ingredients.
Bag of protein bites on counter with vegetables
Lamb recipe nutrition label

Feeding Protein Bites to Dogs and Cats

Protein Bites are treats intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding.

Food Storage Instructions

Keep the bag sealed and away from direct sunlight and moisture. Follow the “best by” or “use by” date on the packaging as a guideline.

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Fermented Treats, Food Topper




Lamb & Emu

35 reviews for Lamb Protein Bites – Freeze-Dried Gut Health Treats for Dogs and Cats

  1. Natalie – @Followachilles

    We love the variety in their protein bites for our puppies! They’re super functional for travel and training!

  2. Kyle Herron

    LOVE this protein for my dogs !!

  3. Charlotte

    Sadie has a sensitive stomach and chicken allergy. So these are absolutely perfect. We use them in her shuffle Matt to use her brain. She goes crazy when the bag comes out. She drools and barks. I know she loves them! I do too for their gut health benefits!

  4. Carlee

    My cats and dogs are obsessed with these delicious lamb bites!

  5. Carlee

    My cats and dogs are obsessed with these delicious lamb bites!

  6. Brandy Edmonds

    My pets love Steve’s real food and I’m so happy they made a functional treat! I love using freeze dried as treats, it’s convenient and my dogs love it!

  7. Hanna Kadinger

    Our pups love these! I love a treat with dual purpose and giving gut benefits!

  8. Kat P

    My dogs love lamb and having these
    Small morsels of yummy goodness is a great way to train and give as snacks bc they’re so small. I love that it’s beneficial for their gut too! WIN WIN!

  9. Jess

    Kona has been loving these! He’s been having some digestive issues and we’ve been searching for a new product to support his gut health. I

  10. Linda Adams

    Love the convenience of the Protein Bites. Use them as training treats, meal toppers and a probiotic supplement.

  11. Alexandra Blakley

    These bites are the perfect size for a training treat but with all the added goodness from Gussy’s it also makes for a great meal boost/topper! As a treat, they hold their shape well and aren’t crumbly like a lot of similar products but they are still easy to break up and sprinkle on your dogs meal. My dogs seem to especially love the lamb!

  12. Christy

    My two Goldens love these! These protein bites are perfect for training. I know that they love the protein bites and that it’s a healthy treat

  13. Victoria

    My dog loooooves these treats! The lamb is a great protein for variety and the drool is no joke when we pull them out lol

  14. Kayla W.

    As always, my dogs love Steve’s! This new flavor seems especially delicious for them!

  15. Kristina Ippolito

    These little bites are the perfect size for training treats ! They are packed with amazing ingredients that make me feel great about giving them to my dogs. They love them !

  16. Jessica

    my dogs love these, they’ve been great to help with digestion!

  17. Natalie Pavlick

    Norman is a picky eater, so finding high value treats are a must! We love that they are not only tasty, but also healthy. Packed with protein and fermented foods, they are a no guilt treat for my pup!

  18. Roberta Fox

    When I opened the container, my 2 Sphynxes RAN & jumped up to insist on having some. The dogs enjoyed it sprinkled on their food. Will have to give as a treat as it’s so special. But, my cats went nuts for it.

  19. Sheba

    Love this has multi purposes and it’s freeze dried which helps keep 98% of its nutrients!! Easy to carry for on the go!

  20. Sheba

    Love this has multi purposes and it’s freeze dried which helps keep 98% of its nutrients!! Easy to carry for on the go! !!

  21. Ryley

    My dog loves these new protein bites! I love the variety Steve’s offers.

  22. Megan Carpenter

    Willow loves this new protein option! These treats are perfect bite size and the new staple in our house.

  23. Jackie

    Maintaining healthy gut biome is so beneficial for my dog since he as a sensitive stomach. I noticed better results with these protein bites compared to his daily probiotic supplements. Plus, he much prefers these treats. It has ingredients that you can read. It’s definitely a win-win!

  24. Hailey

    Raya loves all of Steve’s products, but these she goes absolutely nuts for! Love how convenient they are to bring on the go.

  25. Taylor Starcher

    Perfect for training & high value rewards for your dog!! Plus they’re full of necessary nutrients. Highly recommend!!

  26. Taylor Brower

    10/10 rating from my puppy! Make amazing training treats and HIGH value! Without any GI upset! Definitely a staple in the treat bag.

  27. Molly mehlman

    My pups love these! We had a tough month with an infection and had to be on some heavy duty antibiotics, I used these as treats and put some in her food to keep her appetite up. It was great knowing that we were giving her something not only that she liked, but also that was great for her gut after the antibiotics!

  28. Caleb L Ballew

    Pele loves these. I love that it’s real food and not something fake. 10 out of 10 in my opinion.

  29. Taylor E.

    These treats are fantastic for training! My dogs love them but they are also a great size and won’t cause any GI upset (quite the opposite actually!).

  30. Colleen

    These are super treats!! They are the perfect size for training, my dogs love them & they have amazing gut boosting properties!

  31. Hailey

    So nice to have a lamb protein choice for these! My dog comes running everytime he hears the bag being opened!

  32. Ashley

    My dogs went crazy for these lamb protein bites! I love all the amazing ingredients they have for gut health and high value

  33. Ashley

    My dogs went crazy for them! They’re high value, and I love all the amazing ingredients for gut health

  34. Cat

    My dog was having loose stools transitioning to raw food, but these bites truly did help and my dog is so excited to eat them!

  35. Elise

    I top my cats & my dogs dish with the Lamb Gut Health bites from Steve’s almost daily. I transitioned my pets to this topper over the course of a few days and have been so impressed with how much it has helped my cat’s digestive system. It’s a great probiotic that’s super palatable! I put in the puzzle feeder for my cats while I’m gone and when I come back the tray is empty! My dog a few weeks ago had a stomach issue and I only felt comfortable giving her goat milk & these treats for a few days – severely helped us out! I’m excited to see more protein options in the future like pork or duck!

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Dog eating Lamb Protein Bites

Consider our fermented, freeze-dried treats for the following reasons:

  • Nutrient Preservation: Steve’s Real Food Lamb Protein Bites are freeze-dried, preserving the essential nutrients in the lamb. This method ensures that the treats maintain their nutritional integrity without the need for additives or preservatives.
  • Fermented Goodness: Inspired by the natural canine and feline diet, these treats incorporate the benefits of fermentation. Dogs and cats, in the wild, consumed prey with fermented vegetable contents, and Steve’s Real Food replicates this ancestral approach. The fermentation process not only enhances flavor, but also introduces natural gut-soothing nutrients, prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics..
  • Enhanced Digestibility: Compared to raw vegetables, the raw fermented ingredients in these treats are easier for dogs and cats to digest. The fermentation process not only increases the bioavailability of nutrients but also contributes to better overall digestive health.