Benefits of White Fish Food for Dogs

Small dog looking up at plate of food

Have you ever considered adding fish to your dog’s diet? If not, maybe it’s time to consider the many benefits of feeding a dog food with fish in it.

Is a Raw Diet Healthy for a Puppy?

Four puppies eating and standing around a food dish

Just like babies, puppies grow rapidly during the first few months of their lives, and a proper diet provides the necessary nutrients to meet their needs. This developmental stage needs to be well fueled for a healthy pup. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of a puppy being fed an AAFCO-approved, commercially-prepared raw pet food.

Pet Food: Frozen Raw vs Freeze-Dried Raw for Cats and Dogs

One bag of raw freeze-dried pet food turducken recipe and one bag of raw frozen pet food turducken recipe with full bowl of food

Just as people benefit from eating organic, non-processed foods, so do our pets.  In the past, pet parents could only find real food for cats and dogs in frozen form.  Recently, a new concept in pet food-preparation has evolved.  Feeding our pets the healthy diet they deserve is now easier than ever before– with freeze-dried raw food for […]

Pet Food Allergies and Intolerances

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Although food allergy and food intolerance are both terms used when talking about unusual responses to food, they are different in several ways.

The Benefits of Raw Pet Food

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Did you know that the raw food sector is the fastest growing division in the pet food market? More people are finding out that just like unprocessed foods in human diets benefit them by improving their overall health, immunity, and vitality, so does raw food for their pets. Check out some of the amazing benefits that […]

How Raw Pet Food Benefits Pet Mood/ Behavior

White dog laying on grass

Episode 10 – Giddy Up! We’ve gone over some of the physical changes you will see in your pet when making the switch to a raw food diet, but you may ask: will this affect their mood/behavior too? You betcha! With all of the bioavailable nutrition, digestible protein, and biologically appropriate animal fats available in a […]

Benefits of Raw Pet Food on Dental Health

Person opening cat's mouth

Episode 11 – Let Me See That Smile! Raw-fed dogs and cats tend to have healthier teeth and gums. I know, I know, we were all told for so long that the best way to clean our pet’s teeth was by feeding them a dry, crunchy food. But consider this: after you eat dry, crunchy […]

All About Pet Allergies

Dog closing it's eyes

Episode 9 – Nothing to Sneeze About The phrase “my dog has allergies” may be one of the most common phrases uttered by pet parents, right after “who’s a good boy?”. But why are there so many pets with so many allergies out there? Was it always this way? And what can we do to combat […]

How Raw Food Helps Trim Down and Build Up Your Pet

Two dogs playing on grass

Episode 8 – Finding the Balance According to a 2016 survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 59% of cats and 54% of dogs in the US are overweight, and those percentages are growing every year. That’s incredible! Mostly, it’s incredibly sad. Most people know that obesity is dangerous, but many pet parents seem to […]