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Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food


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Steve’s Chicken freeze-dried raw pet food uses free-range, biologically-fed chicken. The Chicken recipe is high in manganese and magnesium, which are crucial for ligament health, and has a mid-range fat and protein profile, making it a good option for high-energy dogs. Steve’s uses the B.A.R.F. formulation, making our meat-to-produce ratio at 80%/20%. It is packed full of functional foods that provide protein and all the essential vitamins and minerals that help promote strong bones and support healthy organ function. A freeze-dried chicken recipe is complete and balanced for all stages of life and can be fed to dogs and cats.

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100% Whole Food Ingredients with a Purpose


Steve’s Real Food believes every ingredient in your pet’s food should serve a purpose to promote optimal health. We craft our carefully curated raw pet food recipes using high-quality, whole-food ingredients to give your furry friend the essential nutrients they need for a vibrant and healthy life. 


Ground Chicken,
Ground Chicken Bone,
Chicken Livers,
Chicken Gizzards,
Romaine Lettuce,
Salmon Oil,
Dried Kelp,
Raw Goat’s Milk,
Coconut Oil,
Sesame Seeds,
New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel,
Ground Eggshells


Our chicken comes from a family-owned farm in the northwest. The chickens roam freely. You can find them happily soaking up the sunshine, taking dust baths in the fields, and returning to the spacious indoor area to roost at night. They are vegetarian, fed a biologically appropriate diet, provided fresh water, and provided enrichment activities. The produce is sourced from the Pacific Northwest, and our goat milk comes from a family farm in Gaston, Oregon. Steve’s Real Food is committed to working with family farms that share our belief in sustainable farming free from added hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Learn more about our ingredients.

How to Feed Our Freeze-Dried Raw Food for Dogs and Cats

If you are transitioning to raw, we suggest transitioning over a 1-2 week period. Check out our transitioning guide here for more information and tips for switching over your pets.

Start with a clean, airtight container and portion your pet’s daily feeding amount into it. If feeding multiple times a day, divide the recommended daily feeding amount by number of feedings per day.

Add ¾ cup of WARM water per every 1 cup of food. Stir to ensure even hydration. Let the liquid absorb into the food for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Once fully rehydrated, serve it to your pet on a clean dish. Thoroughly wash your hands and sanitize all areas that come into contact with the raw food to promote a safe feeding environment.

How Much to Feed

Each four-legged friend will metabolize food differently based on their activity level, breed, age, etc. Use our feeding calculator as a starting point for your pet, and adjust the feeding amount as necessary to help your pet achieve an ideal body weight.

Safe Handling Raw Pet Food

Treat raw pet food with the same care as handling raw meat for your consumption. Always wash your hands, pet bowls, and any surfaces that come into contact with the raw food.

Freeze-Dried Chicken FAQ




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20 oz bag

Diet Type

BARF Diet, Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food






High-Omega's, Low-Ash, Low-Iodine, Low-Phosphorous, Low-Sodium

1 review for Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Chicken Recipe

  1. Emily

    My dog LOVES this! I can’t believe how much he has changed his relationship to food because of it. He use to spit his kibble everywhere and would eat a little bit at a time. He was unfocused when eating and was often looking around (he’s a goof ball). But now he is focused on eating and cleans his bowl. He licks his lips for about 5 minutes after he’s eaten. We stretched it a bit by combining it with his normal kibble too. It’s really heart warming to see how much he loves his food and know its way healthier for him too. Happy dog, happy human 🙂

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Consider our freeze-dried chicken raw recipe for the following reasons:

  • Supports Joint Health: Our pet food recipe with chicken is high in manganese and magnesium, which are crucial for ligament health.
  • Great Energy Source: Chicken has a mid-range fat and protein profile, making it a good option for high-energy dogs.
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile: Chicken contains all nine amino acids needed from food, making it a complete protein.
  • Variety in Diet: Feeding your pet a variety of protein sources, including chicken, can help prevent food allergies or sensitivities from developing due to repeated exposure to a single protein.

Convenient Bite-Sized Nuggets

Nuggets are shaped into tater-tot-sized pieces that are easy to scoop, and excellent at quickly rehydrating.