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Steve’s Real Food Beef Recipe is made from grass-fed, grass-finished beef. This is a complete and balanced beef recipe for dogs and cats of all life stages. It is a BARF formulation composed of 80% meat/organ/bone, 15% produce, and 5% value-added ingredients such as New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, coconut oil, and raw goat milk that provides everything your pet needs to promote strong bones, muscles, and organ function.

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100% Whole Food Ingredients with a Purpose


Steve’s Real Food believes every ingredient in your pet’s food should serve a purpose to promote optimal health. We craft our carefully curated raw pet food recipes using high-quality, whole-food ingredients to give your furry friend the essential nutrients they need for a vibrant and healthy life. 


Ground Beef,
Beef Heart,
Beef Liver,
Beef Kidney,
Ground Beef Bone,
Romaine Lettuce,
Salmon Oil,
Dried Kelp,
Raw Goat’s Milk,
Coconut Oil,
Sesame Seeds,
New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel,
Ground Eggshells


Our beef comes from family ranchers in the heart of the Northwest. The cows graze freely in pastures and are given plenty of space to display natural behaviors. They are checked daily for signs of illness or discomfort and have access to an on-call veterinarian 24/7. The USDA-verified farm shares our belief in preserving the environment and treating the animals with the best care. The produce is sourced from the Pacific Northwest, and our goat milk comes from a family farm in Gaston, Oregon. Steve’s Real Food is committed to working with family farms that share our belief in sustainable farming free from added hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Learn more about our ingredients.
Bag of Steve's real food beef raw pet food for dogs and cats

How to Feed Our Frozen Raw Food for Dogs and Cats

If you are transitioning to raw, we suggest transitioning over a 1-2 week period. Check out our transitioning guide here for more information and tips for switching over your pets.

Start with a clean, airtight container and portion your pet’s daily feeding amount into it. If feeding multiple times a day, divide the recommended daily feeding amount by number of feedings per day.

Place the airtight container of raw food in the fridge overnight to thaw. *If you forget to thaw the food, you can add some warm water to the food or place the food in a bag submerged in warm water for a quick thaw.
Remove the thawed food from the fridge and serve it to your pet on a clean dish. Thoroughly wash your hands and sanitize all areas that come into contact with the raw food to promote a safe feeding environment.

How Much to Feed

Each four-legged friend will metabolize food differently based on their activity level, breed, age, etc. Use our feeding calculator as a starting point for your pet, and adjust the feeding amount as necessary to help your pet achieve an ideal body weight. Keep food frozen until ready to thaw and serve. When thawing, place the food in an air-tight container, and leave it in the refrigerator for 24 hours or until soft. Thawed food is good in the fridge for up to four days.

Safe Handling Raw Pet Food

Treat raw pet food with the same care as handling raw meat for your consumption. Always wash your hands, pet bowls, and any surfaces that come into contact with the raw food.

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13.5 lb box, 20 lb box, 5 lb bag, 9.75 lb box

Diet Type

BARF Diet, Frozen Raw Dog Food






High-Omega's, Low-Ash, Low-Iodine, Low-Phosphorous, Low-Sodium

25 reviews for Frozen Raw Dog Food Beef Recipe

  1. Christy

    We love all the Steve’s frozen patties! The patties make feeding so easy. It’s great to see fruits and veggies in there as well.

  2. Natalie

    Our pup, Achilles jumps for joy when it’s beef feeding day! We have two extremely active cocker spaniels and we wanted to feed them something that was truly giving them highly nutritional food! After loads of research, Steve’s has become our go-to!

  3. Brandy Edmonds

    My dogs do great on the beef patties. They are all different breeds, age, size and activity level and Steve’s is perfect for all of them! Thaws quickly, easy to portion and the dogs love it!

  4. Kyle

    My dog’s FAVORITE recipe!

  5. Jessica

    My dogs always look forward to their beef diet!

  6. Kaitlin

    Absolutely love this recipe! Great whole ingredients and my dog loves it!

  7. Kaitlin

    Absolutely love this recipe! Great whole ingredients and my dog loves it! She eats it right up and licks the bowl clean!

  8. Kat

    Our pups LOVE this food! Every morning I go to our freezer to pull out food to that, my dogs get so excited and I feel so sad that I have to tell them they have to wait til dinner time! It’s great for on the go snacks and packs well for travel. My dogs are thriving!

  9. Katie Fischer

    My dog does great on Steve’s! I like to keep the nuggets on hand because they thaw out fast, making it super convenient.

  10. Taylor Brower

    Go to in a pinch! If you are like me and forget to defrost food the night before this is the best stuff to have on hand. The patties defrost quickly and efficiently!

  11. Hanna Kadinger

    We keep all of the recipes of Steve’s on rotation and beef is always in there! They keep our active dogs fueled and ready to go!

  12. Taylor Schmidt

    My dogs are obsessed with the beef! High quality ingredients, easy to feed and they go nuts for the taste. I know I can trust Steve’s!

  13. Caleb L Ballew

    The Beef patties are Peles absolute favorite patty.

  14. April H.

    My dog loves the beef formula and I love how all the needed vitamins and minerals come from real, fresh ingredients and not synthetic vitamin packs.

  15. Kayla

    Our go-to flavor! The Pattie’s are so easy to thaw out and my boys love the taste. We love to put the Pattie’s in slow feeders

  16. Jess

    The Steve’s patties and frozen nuggets make measuring raw feeding simple and fast. We’ve been feeding Steve’s for years and it’s the best quality for price and Kona’s allergies!

  17. Taylor

    Finally, a food that my picky dog will consistently eat! She does great on the beef nuggets and is finally eating, gaining the weight she needs and thriving.

  18. Holli Sowinski

    I have noticed a real change in my dogs since starting them on Steve’s. They have more energy and their coats look amazing. Added bonus – they absolutely love Steve’s Real Food!

  19. Charlotte

    Having Steve’s rotated into my Weimaraners diets has been the best. It’s full balanced and complete no supplements needed. The patties are very easy to feed the correct amount of food. And it’s very affordable in the 20lb packages.

  20. Chance

    For a dog that used to always turn down food during meal times, nothing makes me happier than seeing my dog look forward to eating. I’ve switched his diet so many times and this frozen beef nuggets is a permanent keeper!

  21. Ashley

    Beef flavor is one of my dogs favorites from Steve’s! I absolutely love how easy they make raw feeding, and the nuggets are so great to just thaw out at feeding time!

  22. Victoria

    The best Patties! Thaws within a decent amount of time and my dog truly loves it. Beef is a great natural protein for us too

  23. Billy Pfeiler

    Several times a week our English Lab Moose meets someone new and they ask how old he is. When we say 9 we also have to clarify years- not months. That’s how healthy he stays on this diet 🙂

  24. Brandi

    I absolutely positively LOVE this food!!!! My dogs love it. After doing what seemed like endless research on dog food, I was lucky enough to find Steve’s Real Food. I love the fact that there are absolutely no filler ingredients in this food. I feel great knowing that I am feeding my babies a super great high quality food.

  25. Michelle Miller

    My picky chihuahua loves this one, she’s hooked.

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Consider our raw beef diet for the following reasons:

  • Palatability: Many pets find beef highly palatable, making it a convenient choice to entice picky eaters.
  • High-Quality Protein: Grass-fed beef is a rich source of high-quality protein, which is essential for maintaining muscle mass, repairing tissues, and supporting overall growth and development in pets.
  • Energy Source: The fats in beef provide a good energy source for active dogs and cats, helping them maintain their daily activity levels.
  • Variety in Diet: Feeding your pet a variety of protein sources, including beef, can help prevent food allergies or sensitivities from developing due to repeated exposure to a single protein.

Steve's Real Food Frozen Raw Diets Come in Patties and Nuggets

The same great formula, simply shaped differently to cater to your pet’s preference!
Bowl of food with dog

Scoop and Serve Nuggets

Nuggets are shaped into tater-tot-sized pieces that are easy to scoop and great at defrosting quickly.

Pre-Portioned Patties

Patties are 8oz rectangles that are easy to handle and to portion without needing a measuring cup.

Patties on a plate