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Steve’s Real Food frozen raw white fish recipe is our lowest fat recipe. The fish are sourced from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). MSC is an organization that upholds rigorous standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability. Our white fish recipe is complete and balanced for all life stages and species-appropriate for dogs and cats. 

Available Sizes:

100% Whole Food Ingredients with a Purpose


Steve’s Real Food believes every ingredient in your pet’s food should serve a purpose to promote optimal health. We craft our carefully curated raw pet food recipes using high-quality, whole-food ingredients to give your furry friend the essential nutrients they need for a vibrant and healthy life. 


Pacific Cod,
Dried Kelp,
Raw Goat’s Milk,
Coconut Oil,
Sesame Seeds,
Chia Seeds,
New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel,
Ground Eggshells


Our fish is sustainably sourced from the Pacific Ocean. Like commercial-grade sushi, the whitefish is flash frozen at -40C to ensure parasites are eliminated. The produce is sourced from the Pacific Northwest, and our goat milk comes from a family farm in Gaston, Oregon. Steve’s Real Food is committed to working with family farms that share our belief in sustainable farming free from added hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, or pesticides. Learn more about our ingredients.

How to Feed Our Frozen Raw Food for Dogs and Cats

If you are transitioning to raw, we suggest transitioning over a 1-2 week period. Check out our transitioning guide here for more information and tips for switching over your pets.

Start with a clean, airtight container and portion your pet’s daily feeding amount into it. If feeding multiple times a day, divide the recommended daily feeding amount by number of feedings per day.

Place the airtight container of raw food in the fridge overnight to thaw. *If you forget to thaw the food, you can add some warm water to the food or place the food in a bag submerged in warm water for a quick thaw.
Remove the thawed food from the fridge and serve it to your pet on a clean dish. Thoroughly wash your hands and sanitize all areas that come into contact with the raw food to promote a safe feeding environment.

How Much to Feed

Each four-legged friend will metabolize food differently based on their activity level, breed, age, etc. Use our feeding calculator as a starting point for your pet, and adjust the feeding amount as necessary to help your pet achieve an ideal body weight. Keep food frozen until ready to thaw and serve. When thawing, place the food in an air-tight container, and leave it in the refrigerator for 24 hours or until soft. Thawed food is good in the fridge for up to four days.

Safe Handling Raw Pet Food

Treat raw pet food with the same care as handling raw meat for your consumption. Always wash your hands, pet bowls, and any surfaces that come into contact with the raw food.

Frozen White FIsh Raw Pet Food FAQ




Additional information




13.5 lb box, 20 lb box, 5 lb bag, 9.75 lb box

Diet Type







High-Omega's, Low-Sodium

49 reviews for Frozen Raw Dog Food White Fish Recipe

  1. Brandon

    Love this!

  2. Taylor Brower

    Great option for house sitters!
    I was out of town and my father in law was watching the pups and each dog gets a certain amount. I was able to tell him to give each pup 2 patties instead of making it difficult to measure out a specific weight! Definitely a must have for people who leave their pups with house sitters but still want to feed raw!

  3. Charlotte

    This food is by far the best for my girls. And now it comes in white fish!! Another protein variety which is perfect as we mix up their protein sources weekly! The girls love this food gobble it down and it keeps them at such a healthy weight.

  4. Kyle Herron

    I really didn’t think my dogs could enjoy the variety of proteins that they already eat from Steve’s, but then they had this! Man oh man, over the moon is the best way to describe their joy!

  5. Kyle Herron

    I love this protein option for my dog, and the nuggets are easy to serve.

  6. Charlotte

    I am so excited by this food. Sadie has a chicken allergy so this is perfect for her. She absolutely loves Steve’s food and has been thriving on it. We rescued her and she was obese at 92lbs. Now she is a healthy 66lbs. Thank you Steve’s!!!

  7. Lisa gerken

    Steve’s real food is the highest quality premade raw on the market! I’ve watched my senior dog decline over the last few years. Now he has bloomed into a completely different dog before my eyes. From goopy eyes, itchy ears, losing hair, and fur turning to wool, his groomer says “ I have no idea what you changed with this dog, but this is not the same dog!”

  8. Christy

    My dogs go crazy over this food! They cannot wait to eat. I love that I know they are getting the best ingredients and nutrition. Win win!

  9. NB

    What a fun flavor to add to their already amazing list! My dogs are used to their beef, pork, Turkey, Turducken and chicken flavors so this was a pleasant surprise! They jump for joy when I get this one out of the fridge! Some pups have allergies to chicken and lamb so this is a great alternative to add to their rotations! We have super active pups as we’re active pup parents so a raw healthy diet is super important to us! Healthy coat, energetic pups and always excited to eat!

  10. Jess Kupsik

    We’ve been waiting for a raw fish recipe for a while. With Kona’s allergies, he’s limited to pork and beef recipes. We’re so excited to have a third protein in rotation and he seems to love it.

  11. Hanna Kadinger

    My pups love the formula! I love that I can feed this raw diet as a stand-alone and it comes already balanced with all of the goodness my dogs need.

  12. Jessica Wiesmueller

    my dog is a picky eater and all of steve’s products including the new white fish diet is a hit!

  13. Carlee

    My dogs love the new fish flavor!

  14. Alexandra Blakley

    I am so thrilled that Steve’s now has a whitefish option in their dog food! We’ve used the Quest Whitefish for our cats whom LOVE it so now the dogs can have their own as part of our food rotation. This food is awesome!

  15. Kaitlin McLucas

    I’ve been so looking forward to a fish recipe from Steve’s food!! My dog loves it.

  16. Caleb Ballew

    As always another great product. Dogs love it.

  17. Hailey

    Have so far tried the turkey and the lamb & emu proteins. Cannot wait for the fish protein that is coming out! My dog LOVES this food and is always happy to eat. We feel good knowing we are giving her the best nutrition to keep her body in top condition! Since switching to raw she has become leaner and her coat has become healthier. Love this easy to serve raw option!

  18. Taylor Starcher

    My dogs are OBSESSED with the raw patties!! It has made their overall health so much better and is definitely worth it.

  19. Katie F

    I was so excited when I saw this new protein at our local shop. Ranger absolutely LOVES the new whitefish food! We love and appreciate Steves and the variety of proteins so I can add rotation in Ranger’s diet!

  20. Taylor Starcher

    Super excited to try this as my dogs can have sensitive stomachs to chicken and Turkey.

  21. April H.

    I love how Steve’s has added fish. I live rotating the proteins to make sure my pets get all the goodness each one has to offer, so a new one is always welcomed. My dog and cats all love this new flavor too.

  22. Hailey

    Love the variety of proteins Steve’s has!

  23. Hailey

    With my dogs allergies, it’s great to have a new protein he’s able to eat to put in rotation!

  24. Hailey

    Love the new fish flavor option!

  25. Victoria

    Perfect for the pups with other protein allergies and great to add in to rotation!

  26. Rosa Gonzalez

    My dog loves their fish flavor!
    When you first open your box you will already know how high quality Steve’s Real Food is! My dog goes crazzzzyyy even before we open it!
    His coat is shiny, his teeth are healthy and his stool has been perfectly firm for once!

  27. Kristina Ippolito

    Delicious as always ! Our dogs love every single protein from Steve’s and this one is no different. We are happy to add fish into our mix !

  28. Victoria

    Since switching my dog over to the raw fish diet he doesn’t leave anything left in his bowl! He absolutely loves it, and I love that I’ve found something that gets him excited to eat!

  29. Brandy Edmonds

    Love that Steve’s has brought in a whitefish option! Such a great option for pets with allergies.

  30. Megan

    Willow loves this new amazing protein option and the nuggets are so easy to prep + thaw – they are always our go to!

  31. Cooper and Marz

    This is so easy and convenient, and best of all beyond healthy! Cooper and Marz love fish so much, this is perfect!

  32. Arianna

    Great for protein rotation! The more variety the better!
    I consistently rotate proteins and this is a great formula to add to my regular rotation.
    It agrees with my dogs very easily and is seamlessly added to our rotation.

  33. Ryley

    My pup loves anything fish flavored! He really enjoyed the new white fish option. I’m excited to include this in our rotation!

  34. Jennifer Heinrich

    This new formula is the pups absolute new fave. Bowls are licked clean and pups are nearly begging for more. This is a lower calorie option than the prey beef which is their other favorite. It’s also nice that this is a cooling protein for our northern breed dogs!

  35. Rosa Gonzalez

    My dog LOVES this Steve’s new fish flavor! We use it in our training as well and he is laser beam focused for these! No crumb is safe from my dog LOL

  36. Kayla

    Steve’s never goes wrong with a flavor! My two GSD (who can be selective) can’t get enough fish!

  37. Taijon

    Love the new protein option! So great to have a raw, whole food, balanced and most importantly SUSTAINABLY SOURCED fish option on the market. My dog absolutely loves fish, his coat and skin thrive on it. Always appreciate Steve’s intention to provide options that support our pups and our planet.

  38. Colleen

    We love Steve’s! We’re so excited to add another protein in rotation. Our favorite are the nuggets. They make it incredibly easy to hand feed – making meal time a training opportunity!

  39. Katie Fischer

    My golden retriever gets hot spots and does best on cooling proteins. I love that Steve’s offers a whitefish option!

  40. Caleb Ballew

    The whit fish is another high quality product. I always try to rotate proteins but, have never included fish. This is a great addition to the line up.

  41. Kayla

    Whitefish is approved by my boys! I’m so happy we have another protein to mix into my dogs diet.

  42. Becca

    Love this brand and can’t wait to try this for my pup and cat

  43. Ella

    We love whitefish! Fish is super helpful for promoting healthy skin and coat. Sadie absolutely loves it and it makes a big difference in how smooth her fur is!

  44. Holli Sowinski

    My dogs absolutely love the Steve’s Real Food.

  45. Charlotte

    This is great for dogs with allergies. Most dogs have never have white fish so this is a good novel protein

  46. Ashley

    My dogs loved this new fish recipe! They love all things fish flavored and this is no different

  47. Ashley

    My dogs love the new whitefish recipe! They love all things fish flavored and this is no different

  48. Alexis Shields

    So happy to be able to add fish into our rotation! Our boy loves this!

  49. David

    My 11 1/2 yr old GSD loves these nuggets. Because of the low fat content her pancreatitis attacks have disappeared and her coat is getting better. Please don’t stop making this blend, it’s a God-send for my old girl.

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Consider our raw White Fish recipe for the following reasons:

  • Brain Function: White fish are naturally high in Omega 3’s, B6, B12, and selenium – helping to support heart health, cognitive function, and our senior pets.
  • Naturally Low Fat: White fish are extremely low in fat, making them a suitable option for pets that require a low-fat diet.
  • Heart and Joint Health: The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish support joint health, benefiting dogs and cats with joint issues. Omega-3s also promote cardiovascular health by helping to maintain proper blood pressure.
  • Cooling Protein: Whitefish is an excellent protein choice for dogs due to its cooling properties, making it ideal for pets with sensitive stomachs or those prone to heat-related issues. Its easily digestible nature and lower fat content provide a gentle yet nutritious option for supporting your dog’s overall health and well-being.

Steve's Real Food Frozen Raw Diets Come in Patties and Nuggets

The same great formula, simply shaped differently to cater to your pet’s preference!

Scoop and Serve Nuggets

Nuggets are shaped into tater-tot-sized pieces that are easy to scoop and great at defrosting quickly.

Pre-Portioned Patties

Patties are 8oz rectangles that are easy to handle and to portion without needing a measuring cup.